Oregon Office Solutions is your Local Authorized Xerox Technology Provider!

We are your authorized Xerox representatives for the entire state of Oregon. Up until recently we have served customers in the central Oregon, Bend area, the Willamette Valley, and on over to the Oregon coast; but we’ve expanded to serve customers from Ashland to Portland and from the Oregon coast to Easter Oregon areas. 

Oregon Office Solutions is the best Oregon office supply sales solution who provides you with the finest prices and service for office equipment, office workflow solutions, and XMPie technology; for your office or print shop to buy or lease Xerox, Epson, Duplo, and Horizon Standard, multifunction printers, digital production press, office mailing machines, booklet making, bindery, finishing equipment, and Xerox copy paper. 

We are your Xerox, HP, Epson, Duplo and Horizon Standard office supply. With Oregon Office Solutions you can get your non-Xerox ink cartridges and your Xerox ink toner. You can stock your office shelves with Xerox’s three grades of print paper, Bold Professional Paper, Vitality Paper, and Revolution Paper. Implement state-of-the-art Fax executions by transforming your inbound and outbound data transmissions into a managed business workflow with XMedius XM Fax. You can add the Xerox Instant Print Kiosk to your commercial space to provide customers with ease of print solutions. When it comes to print, copy, fax office machines or digital production press office supply, we’ve got you covered with more options than you can shake an printing plate at. 

Take your business marketing strategy to the next level with VDP marketing; the variable data printing technology you can use in your office with the Xerox XMPie technology. Xerox XMPie with VDP lets you easily create a personalized and relevant message for each and every recipient on your marketing list, so unique pieces are mailed to each customer. It is communication made personal. Push marketing even further with Xerox XMPie cross media services and Xerox XMPie web to print. Integrate with third party systems such as CRM, ERP, MIS or DAM, while using Xerox XMPie and APIs with scalable options to flex as your business marketing grows.

Everything – the contract, financing, equipment, supplies, parts and service is 100% Xerox. Our goal is to provide the best solution for your business. Oregon Office Solutions is committed to our customers and we have a reputation of working hard for your business. Xerox has been recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for providing “An Outstanding Customer Service Experience.” This is the fifth consecutive year our company has achieved the esteemed certification for Excellence in Technology Service and Support – known as one of the customer service industry’s highest achievements. It shows that Xerox demonstrates its commitment to continuous improvement and to delivering superior local Xerox service and technical support. This means our business can provide quality equipment backed by a large international company with local representation. When partnered with your company, it becomes a winning combination.

Work with an award-winning team.

Contact us today to learn how you can have award-winning technology working for you. Ensure your business is as efficient as it can be by giving your office the tools it needs to excel.

VDP, The Variable Data Printing Capability For Your Customer Communications Marketing (CCM) Strategy With Xerox XMPie Technology

Campaign Management That Scales To Your CCM Needs

The Xerox XMPie campaign management technology seamlessly connects to databases and collates data to generate personalized, multichannel campaigns which are perfectly synchronized across all channels and touchpoints. With the momentum of the customer communications market (CCM), capabilities continue to move forward from print alone to digital, mobile, and multichannel formats; and Xerox XMPie gives your business the assurance that your investment into the XMPie business solutions will continue to robustly serve your needs and scale to your marketing strategy as this market continues to shift.

Tailor your content to your audience with personalized variable data via variable data printing (VDP) technology and tailor it to your customer base with seamless, creative workflows while automatically managing your entire omnichannel campaign and tracking the key performance indicators of your customer relationship management goals in a single, cloud based platform. Add APIs to incorporate third party systems to activate any array of multiple functions for the perfect fit with the environment of your customer marketing needs, all with Xerox XMPie.

Provide Your Customers With The Best Office Supply Products & Services At Your Retail Office Or Print Shop

Xerox Total Experience

Settle for nothing less than the total Xerox experience: Xerox copiers and printers, Xerox service, Xerox approved lease, Xerox analysts, Xerox support center and Xerox parts and supplies.

Xerox Service Technicians

Xerox employees are trained specifically on your product with an average 12 years of tenure. We offer the Best Service in the Industry.

Xerox Exclusive Concurrent Multi-tasking Technology

Our products are the most productive in the world. Xerox copiers and all in one printers operate independently and concurrently, allowing you to scan while you’re printing, print while you’re copying, copy while you’re faxing, and more.

Xerox Print Around Technology

When a job is sent to a Xerox multifunction printer and the necessary resources are not available, a note is made, an alert is sent out and the device continues to operate. This maintains productivity rather than stopping all productivity until the necessary resources are made available.

Xerox Unlimited Scan Ahead

A virtually unlimited number of pages can be scanned in a single file. A virtually unlimited number of individual scans can be made in a row.

Xerox Smart Kit Technology

Smart Kit Technology allows you to maximize your equipment uptime . When a drum cartridge, fuser cartridge or toner cartridge needs to be replaced, an alert is provided and the on-hand supplies can be easily and quickly changed. The printer does not go down and require a service call to become operational again.

Xerox Scanning Compression Technology

We feature advanced scan-file compression technology that greatly reduces a scanned image without affecting image quality. JBIG2 technology, in combination with the Mixed Raster Content (MRC) method, creates a file up to 10X smaller than competitors.

Xerox Scan to Accurate Text Searchable PDF

Currently, we have the only copiers with standard optical character recognition (OCR) which accurately and quickly performs OCR and creates searchable documents that can be easily found no matter where they are saved, using any standard search function.

Xerox CCC/DOD Certified Secure

Our entire devices are certified to keep your information completely secure. Xerox secures your information from theft at the highest Department of Defense standards.

Xerox Remote Supply Monitoring

Xerox can directly monitor copy and print volumes on office devices, enabling supplies to be sent out as needed and billed accurately. No in-office admin is required.

Xerox User Interface

Easy-to-use Xerox interfaces are designed to have 80% of the most commonly used functions on the main screen, avoiding the need to drill down to find features. Our interfaces are also familiar to previous Xerox users.

Xerox Notification Alerts

When an issue arises on a device, an alert notice can be automatically sent out.

Xerox 24/7 Technical Support, based in North America

Support is available to you at any time.

Contact us today for assistance with office supply products or service. Empower your office personnel or your print team with the office supply products and the print technologies that will equip them with the power of efficiency.

Make Your Business The Local Print Shop!

Provide Great Copies & Documents At Your Retail Office Or Print Shop

Does your office or print business provide customer copy and document services? If you do, Oregon Office Solutions has the copy and document office supplies you need.

Whether you need color ink toner, paper stock, or printer copy machines so your customers can get quick color copies for their presentations or if you need binding machines so your customers can get their reports with that professional look Oregon Office Solutions is here to help you impress your customers with superb service. Your customers can upload their document online, choose their size, choose their finishing, choose their run size, and pick their materials up on their schedule. You’ll have customers flocking to your services.

With the office supplies Oregon Office Solutions can provide for your office or print business, your customers will be able to quickly create B/W copies, color copies, handouts, coil binding, presentation folders, personal projects, and reports.

Give Customers Quick Printing, Project Printing & Copies, At Your Retail Office Or Print Shop

Does your print or office business provide quick printing services, copies, and office supply for projects? If it does, Oregon Office Solutions can provide you the printers, toners, paper, bindery machines, all in one office machines, and multifunction printers (MFP), so your business can meet your customer’s needs with online or in-store copy and document resources.

Do you have customers stop by your store and copy their documents while they wait? Are you finding they don’t have time to wait? Let them upload their print-ready artwork to an easy and convenient online print platform which Oregon Office Solutions can affordably provide to your business. Your customers will be able to simply upload, customize, preview, and submit their projects from anywhere and then pick them up at your store.

You become the local print shop!

Your customers upload their documents, and you do the rest! You’ll be able to print, bind and finish their projects for that polished, professional look

Provide Copies & Quick Prints At Your Retail Office Or Print Shop

Make your retail office or print shop the go-to for copies and quick prints. Whether your customers want black and white or full color on their next quick print or copy project, with the office supply printers, copiers, ink toners and papers you can get with Oregon Office Solutions, your business will be able to do it all. You can offer copies in the 8.5″ x 11″ paper size, the 8.5″ x 14″ paper size, and in the 11″ x 17″ paper size; all in paper weights of 20 lb. and 24 lb. You can also offer copies in 90 lb. and 110 lb. card stock in sizes 8.5″ x 11″ and 11″ x 17″. Your shop can offer digital print copies in 24 lb., 28 lb., and 32 lb., as well as cover copies in a range of 60lb., 80lb., or 100 lb. paper in a variety of paper sizes from 8.5″ x 11″ up to 18 x 12″Offer your customers several options in GSM (Grams per Square Meter), brightness, opacity, smoothness, and caliper; which ever quality level is optimal to fit their precise needs. With the right copy machine or printer, you customers can also select their paper size, the quantity they will produce, the paper stock of their liking, the finishing option they need, and they can upload their artwork to get their print or copy project started with your shop. Get started today.

Offer Presentation Solutions At Your Retail Office Or Print Shop

Well put together presentations and reports leave a lasting and professional impression. Give your customers the ability to create professional presentations at your retail office or print shop with office supply products from Oregon Office Solutions. Empower your customers to add impact and value to the information they share with their clients. Select from among a wide selection of office printers, copiers, presses, ink toners, cartridges, papers, specialty media, and more with Oregon Office Solutions office supply options that will make presentation printing easy for your shop to produce the stuff of legend your customers desire to show their associates. Your customers can easily send to your shop their print file or they can place their order online, select their binding and cover options and upload their artwork. They will be amazed it is that easy.

Offer Document Finishing At Your Retail Office Or Print Shop

Elevate your print shop or retail office business to provide professional report and presentation printing, from copying to the finishing touches. Oregon Office Solutions provides you the office supply products you need, from bindery and finish equipment to presses, printers, copiers, paper, media substrates, ink toners, cartridges, and more; so your shop can offer binding, collating, paper options and more. Your customers will easily be able to stop by your shop to order in-store or they can select their preferred document finishing options online and they are off to the show; showing their beautiful reports and presentations with head turning, impressive details.

Provide NCR Forms Printing At Your Retail Office Or Print Shop

Are your customers needing business form printing on a no carbon required (NCR) paper? Oregon Office Solutions has the office supply printers, copiers, multifunction print machines, digital presses, ink toner, cartridges, and the carbonless paper needed to make your print shop or retail office business the place where customers can print the professional NCR forms they need.

With the Xerox Revolution Carbonless Premium Digital grade specialty media paper, your customers can print important forms, such as legal documents, order forms, invoices, receipts, packing lists, and more. This paper is designed to be used on a wide variety of digital printers with superb performance on the highspeed, digital equipment. A proprietary capsule control technology reduces contamination and it enhances image quality, so your customers get outstanding looking documents backed by the Xerox Revolution Premium Digital specialty paper guarantee that it will perform with outstanding image legibility.

With the Xerox Revolution Carbonless Multipurpose grade specialty media paper your customers will be able to create a wide variety of forms with the carbonless paper that is the brightest base sheet, making it perfect for enhancing their images with premium image legibility on multiple part forms. Your customers get these superior benefits with the paper that is also an excellent performer in digital and offset printing. Call Oregon Office Solutions, now, for details.

Contact us today for assistance with office supply products or service. Empower your office personnel or your print team with the office supply products and the print technologies that will equip them with the power of efficiency.

Oregon Office Solutions Serves All Oregon Cities

Oregon Office Solutions serves Oregon cities of Bend, Portland, Salem, Eugene, Hillsboro, Gresham, Beaverton, Medford, and all other cities and counties in Oregon, and provides sales of office supply paper, office supply print and press ink toner, office copy machines, office all in one printers, office multifunction printers, office press, industrial digital production press, bindery and finishing equipment, office mailing equipment, fax technology, office workflow technology, customer campaign marketing technology, and more; and provides lease of office copy machines, office all in one printers, office multifunction printers, office press, industrial digital production press, bindery and finishing equipment, office mailing equipment, and more.

Recent Blog Posts

The business with the legal business name of Oregon Office Solutions, also known as Oregon Office Solutions Printer Press Multifunction Machine Office Supply, is an Office Equipment Store with an alternate name, Best Oregon Printer, Production Press, Ink, Copy Paper And Office Machine Lease Sales Supply, and it is the local authorized Xerox provider, seller, and lease coordinator of printer, digital production press, multifunction printer, all in one printer, office machine, paper, and technology for Oregon.

Oregon Office Solutions offers repair services, including; office and print shop machine repairs, print shop digital production press repair, multifunction printer MFP repair, print copy fax scan All In One machine repair, book bindery machine repair, finisher machine repair, and office mailing machine systems repair. Oregon Office Solutions is also a seller of office and print shop machines and offers office and print shop machine sales and lease service, as a seller also offers print shop digital production press sales and lease service, as a seller also offers multifunction printer MFP sales and lease service, as a seller also offers print copy fax scan All In One machine sales and lease service, as a seller also offers book bindery machine sales and lease service, as a seller also offers finisher machine sales and lease service, as a seller also offers office mailing machine systems sales and lease service, and as a seller also offers print and copy paper sales and lease service.

The phone number of Oregon Office Solutions is 1-541-382-0300. The price range of products and services range from $10.00 to $1,000,000.00. The Facebook property, which is the same as Oregon Office Solutions, is The postal address of Oregon Office Solutions is, street address of 265 NW Franklin Ave., Suite 100 with the address locality of Bend, Oregon with the postal code of 97703 in the country of the US.

Oregon Office Solutions accepts the currency of the USD, US Dollar, and payment is accepted in cash or by lease.

The area served by Oregon Office Solutions is every city in the state of Oregon, which is the same as, the city of Portland which is the same as, the city of Bend which is the same as, the city of Salem which is the same as, the city of Eugene which is the same as, the city of Hillsboro which is the same as, the city of Gresham which is the same as, the city of Beaverton which is the same as, and the city of Medford which is the same as

The contact point of Oregon Office Solutions is customer service which is available at the email address of or the telephone number of 1-541-382-0300.

The location of the places, cities and states, inside of the geo circle for Oregon, extends in a radius of 482,803 meters, equal to a radius of 300 miles, from the geo midpoint of the geo coordinates of: latitude: 45.58124; longitude: -120.49001.

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