Xerox Managed Print Services

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Reduce Your Administrative and IT Workload With Managed Print Services

Managing your resources is one of the key steps toward achieving contained costs and holding your office to a budget. That’s why using something like managed print services to bring your office supply budget into line is such a good idea. With the centralized tracking and monitoring of your B&W and color laser printers provided by managed print solutions, you have a better idea what is being used when and by whom. This helps to reduce waste by identifying where more training will help, it prevents misuse, and it also allows you to leave maintenance of the machines to your managed print services provider.


On top of structuring your office for better resource management, managed printing also provides a few specific benefits you will notice right away:

  • Predictable and controlled spending
  • One bill for all of your document-related expenses
  • Reduction in your need for IT support staff
  • Reduction in wasted pages and total printed pages
  • Up to 30% savings over the alternative

Setting up Your Managed Print Services

If you are ready to get your company started with managed print solutions, let us help. We are ready to help you put solutions in place so that your office operates more efficiently and more sustainably. Contact us today to find out how to make us your managed print services provider.