Xerox Iridesse Digital Production Press, Technology Makes Brilliant Metallic Color Sparkle In Spot & Flood Embellishments

Image presents high quality print embellishments to promote Oregon Office Solutions for Oregon and Washington customers, who provides production presses to empower your print team with Xerox Iridesse Digital Production Press where technology makes brilliant metallic color sparkle in spot and flood embellishments at tremendous price points.

Xerox Iridesse Digital Production Press & Brilliant Color

Xerox says, “In a world where print is often commoditised, fitting in isn’t wise. Standing out? That’s brilliant.”

That's brilliant!

Xerox Iridesse digital production presses are BRILLIANT!

Xerox Iridesse production presses are packed with value. For a production press in a small package, Xerox packs in the value. The Iridesse is a highly automated, agile digital production press with outstanding image quality and head turning embellishment effects. With Iridesse, your business can unbridle its potential in print and achieve brilliant results.

Xerox encourages print businesses to “release more wow per page with Color FLX Technology“.

Xerox has reshaped the digital production press world with the Iridesse, award-winning, Color FLX Technology. Color FLX Technology layers CMYK with up to two Specialty Dry Inks in a single pass. One pass is efficiency! Color FLX Technology pulls off this high efficiency combo of CMYK layering with dry inks in a single pass while also maintaining spot-on registration from one color to the next.

Xerox Iridesse with Color FLX Technology loads your color palette with powerful options. Print stunning, clarified CMYK colors alone. Print CMYK colors with specialty effects. Publish posters, packaging, card stock, and more, while achieving the ultimate in brilliance with iridescent metallic hues.

How does Xerox Iridesse accomplish this? With HDEA! What is that, you say? HDEA is a technology that is made possible because of the Color FLX Technology’s ability to layer dry inks, including metallic flecks, with CMYK colors. HDEA, otherwise known as High Definition Emulsion Aggregate, is the technology that works with Color FLX Technology.

HDEA lets your print business do more with colors on media substrates using flexible combinations of the highly popular dry inks. You get HDEA Specialty Dry Inks in metallic gold, metallic silver, white, and clear.

The HDEA gold and silver dry inks incorporate flecks of metal. The flecks of metal introduce the brilliance of sparkle with a genuine metallic appearance. These metallic gold and metallic silver Specialty Dry Inks merge the value of low cost CMYK metallics and high-end, offline foil stamping; allowing your print bid team to offer brilliance at a great price point.

In addition to the metallic dry inks, Iridesse and HDEA technology also empowers your print capabilities with white and clear inks. HDEA White Dry Ink and Clear Dry Ink can be used with spot or flood embellishments, creating new opportunities for your print team to provide the unique design expressions your customers desire. With White underlays, a broad swath of specialty media substrates can be used, and with white or clear design effects, the media substrates one can use are virtually any stock a customer might choose.

Embellish your print capabilities with Xerox Iridesse!

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