HP Indigo Digital Presses, The Print Business Way Forward

HP Indigo Digital Presses

Image presents an HP Indigo Digital Press to promote to businesses to find your commercial printing solutions with Oregon Office Solutions who provides HP (Hewlett Packard) Indigo Digital Presses, the print business way forward for commercial printing advantage and benefits.


HP Indigo Digital Press

Oregon Office Solutions no longer sells the HP Indigo Digital Press because we have found that Xerox digital presses perform reliably with less problems and, for our customers, that translates into more uptime and better overall efficiency. Additionally, some of the required paper stock for use with the HP Indigo Digital Press costs significantly more such that many businesses object to going with the Indigo as it forces them to have to offer print run bids at higher margins which, for our customers, that translates into losing print jobs they likely otherwise would win.

For these reasons, and for other reasons not mentioned here, Oregon Office Solutions recommends you consider one of the following Xerox digital presses (below), any of which we can thoroughly introduce you to via a visit to your business and/or via a phone conversation.

Superb Xerox Options In Place Of The HP Indigo Digital Press

All Xerox Production Color Digital Presses

Xerox® Baltoro™ HF Inkjet Digital Press

Xerox® Iridesse™ Production Digital Press

Xerox® Versant® 4100 Digital Press

Xerox® iGen™ 5 Digital Press

Xerox® Versant® 280 Digital Press

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HP Indigo Digital Presses are your way forward for the most efficient printing capabilities coupled with unmatched color ink capabilities and perfect print quality on the broadest array of media applications. Increase business with HP Indigo technology. Customers have high demands and expectations for media solutions and the HP Indigo technology puts your print business in the position of having the agility to meet any customer need across any type of commercial printing and packaging job.

HP Indigo’s LEPx technology is a force multiplier. With its capability of placing ink particles on a digital plate at 120 linear meters per minute (Lm/m) for full graphics, your efficiency and perfection is multiplied. There are no print plates to mess with or pay for in this all digital print plate technology. LEPx is the next revolution in digital printing.

HP Indigo’s LEPx technology accurately places ElectroInk particles on a digital plate at a speed of 120 to 180 Lm/m in the print process of producing full graphics. When you press “Print”, the LEPx writing head composes your image as an electrostatic field, invisible to the eye, on the Photo Imaging Drum and each ElectroInk particle is accurately attracted to the electrostatic field on the drum. Every color separation is generated by a single Imaging Engine. The Imaging Engine is composed of the LED writing head, the photo imaging drum and two ink sources.

The HP Indigo LEPx technology includes 6 Imaging Engines. Each engine applies a color separation to a blanket belt. The blanket belt assimilates all of the separations and transfers them in a perfectly registered image onto the print substrate in a single shot. LEPx multiplies the speed and benefits of the printing process, which in turn reduces the labor required by simplifying the entire printing process. LEPx gives you the leverage to be competitive in the print markets of packaging, commercial media, photo media, and other print markets.

HP Indigo Liquid Electrophotographic Process

The HP Indigo printing engine uses a liquid electrophotographic process wherein the charging unit generates a uniform charge on the electrophotographic Photo Imaging Plate. The Photo Imaging Plate is exposed to a scanned array of laser diodes which remove charges from the image area. The Photo Imaging Plate is then engaged by one of the Binary Ink Developer (BID) units and the BID develops an image on the plate. An electric field then transfers ink from the plate to a heated blanket. The heated blanket then melts the resin particles in the ElectroInk and merges the particles into a smooth, sticky film. The image, in a film form, is then transferred from the blanket to a media substrate.

The image transfer from the blanket to a media substrate can be performed with one of two options, the multi shot process and the one-shot process. In the multi shot process, the above process is repeated for each color separation. In the one-shot process, all of the color separations accumulate on the blanket. The one-shot process is utilized for web presses and with heat sensitive materials.

HP Indigo ElectroInk

The HP Indigo ElectroInk is a unique liquid ink which contains very small ink particles which can be electrically charged to create a thin ink layer on any type of media substrate. The highest coverage and the deepest colors possible can be achieved with ElectroInk. ElectroInk is virtually noncommittal to pigment, which allows it to take advantage of a wide variety of pigments for the widest array of inks.

Thermal Offset Transfer

In the HP Indigo blanket transfer of ink to the media substrate, the blanket is heated. The heated blanket melts and blends the ElectroInk into a smooth, sticky film. Through the ElectroInk melting, blending process, the image is produced on the blanket as a completely defined image. It is then transferred to the media substrate by direct contact, resulting in a high quality image with a genuine offset appearance and feel.

Direct Contact Transfer

The direct contact transfer procedure keeps the ink from ever needing to travel through air as it is transferred from the blanket to the media substrate. Instead, the ink is transferred mechanically, with physical contact in each step of the transferal process. This process replaces the analog technology which requires ink to travel through air in the transferal process. In the direct contact transfer procedure, there is constant contact during the entire process of transferring the image from the blanket to the media, and there is no reduction in speed and print quality, even at high speeds.

HP Indigo Digital Press Advantages

In essence, the HP Indigo digital press arms your printing business with advantages across the board. It gives you the highest speed for high print quality jobs. You can deliver thousands of orders per day with ease in a cost-effective capacity. You can print high coverage up to levels of 500% and more with no negative impact on print quality. You get unmatched color and ink capabilities with up to 97% of Pantone colors being possible, even with OVG and the unique Ink Mixing System for Pantone-matching spot. With HP Indigo, the world of available media substrates to print to is endless. You can print on the broad spectrum of media substrates that the digital print industry demands, including coated, uncoated, synthetic, metalized, and colored media. You have at your disposal, the ability to print to the widest and broadest types of media substrates, giving you powerful versatility. HP Indigo digital presses give you a comprehensive production management solution.

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