Scan to Cloud

Scan to Cloud to increase productivity

Step Up Productivity With Cloud Technology

Cloud services are becoming increasingly popular with up-to-date business owners. They offer many advantages, including secure electronic storage, easy uploads and access, as well as their search and cross-reference functions. Alternatives include networked electronic storage and company intranets. Whichever you prefer, you need an easy-to-use, efficient scan to cloud technology to handle your paper documents. Our scan to cloud solutions provide versatile options for uploading, sharing and converting documents.

Increase Flexibility and Collaboration

Your scanning needs can vary depending on the type of document and its intended functions. For this reason, we provide the flexibility that ensures your ability to convert a document to a word processing format for collaborative editing or to share a read-only, searchable pdf file. Some other ways our scan to cloud technology enhances your productivity are:

  • Scanning to several types of destinations, including cloud services, e-mail and network repositories
  • Allowing a variety of protocols for e-mail scanning
  • Compatibility with a wide range of existing cloud services

Our scan to cloud solutions make it easy for you to integrate your existing filing system with the cloud service of your choice. Let us help you use the best of today’s technologies to take your business to the next level. To learn more about our business technologies, contact us.