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Multifunction Printers and Copiers Keep Your Office Moving Forward

Efficiency has been the key factor in business competitiveness for the better part of the last two generations, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the day to day administrative tasks that your business need to go through to keep running. To get the most out of your office equipment, using multifunction devices is key. Multifunction printers allow you to invest in fewer pieces of equipment while networking the available pieces for multiple users, making your overall investment in office electronics more efficient.


When you bring in full feature multifunction printers or copiers, you gain the ability to do the work of several devices at once, including:

  • Faxing
  • Color printing/copying
  • Scanning
  • Network printing
  • Production extras like 2-sided printing

Choosing Your Equipment

While these features are all available, and some devices even go further by including hole punching, stapling, or even binding, not every device is the same. Some multifunction printers are built with more or less of these features in place, and even the most robust and feature-rich machine is also built with a certain traffic level in mind. Keep that in mind when choosing your multifunction copiers.

Multifunction devices are one of the best ways to save both space and money, so contact us today to learn how you can use them in your office.

ConnectKey Technology

The new Xerox line of multifunction devices is built on the ConnectKey platform to ensure consistency from a user and support standpoint. The ConnectKey platform integrates several apps that will assist in the functionality and productivity of your office equipment.

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