Document Imaging

Document Imaging solutions throughout Oregon

Use Your Scanner to Get Organized

Any business owner knows that file organization is one of those issues that seem mundane but are actually vital to success. A misplaced document can slow down employee productivity and even lead to serious errors.  Scanning important documents offers many advantages, including:

  • Searchability by keyword, title and more
  • Portability
  • Cost efficiency
  • Space-saving

Facilitate Productivity by Scanning Your Files

Using a high-quality scanner for document imaging can help you seamlessly integrate your paper files with your electronic system. Having your documents available electronically makes it easy for any employee to pull up files instantly. Cross-referencing and collaboration are also facilitated by working with scanned documents. Once you scan in your papers, you know that they will stay where they belong, unlike a physical filing system where documents can go into the wrong folder.

Save Time, Space and Money

Save the time you and your employees spend looking for missing papers, sorting and organizing, and going to your storage cabinets to retrieve and replace files. Save the office and storage space occupied by unwieldy filing cabinets and boxes of paper backlog waiting to be filed. Give yourself the peace of mind that goes with knowing that all your key documents are safe in the event of damage to your physical premises. Contact us to find out more about how our scanners and document imaging services can give your business that extra edge.