ConnectKey App Technology for Multifunction Printers

ConnectKey App Technology for Multifunction Printers

New Innovations Improve the Multifunction Printer

One thing that many office managers overlook when planning their office technology infrastructure is the role that software plays in the efficiency and reliability of multifunction printers. Those devices rely on programming that tells them how to connect with the network, what priority to give documents, and exactly how to process each one, and manufacturers like Xerox have come a long way toward making the most of out their devices’ programming by creating and refining apps that communicate dynamically with them.

ConnectKey Technology

One example of this is Xerox’s ConnectKey App for multifunction devices. This brings in a variety of outside platforms and allows them to communicate directly with the printer, allowing for printing from cloud storage solutions and word processing apps with little to no extra labor. This makes your printing easier, and it brings a variety of other benefits.

Benefits of App Innovations

  • Increase the functionality of your multifunction printers
  • Easy, nearly effortless integration
  • Customize both communications and workflow
  • Simplify your processes and streamline your workflow
  • Low cost

Right now, Xerox is the most forward-looking company, and the ConnectKey technology that the company’s newer models is using has set a new standard for integrated printing solutions. If you are interested in bringing this innovation to your office, contact us to learn more.