Be Greener

Be Greener

Be more sustainable in your business practices

Xerox Technology is Designed to Help You Save Resources

Every business would like to be environmentally friendly, but it is often misconceived as an expensive task. That's not the case with Xerox technology that helps you take on sustainable business practices. Going green is not only be great for the environment, it can actually save you money.

How It Works

Xerox technology minimizes your environmental impact and reduces costs by:

  • Storing and sharing documents electronically rather than printing
  • Using solid ink rather than other wasteful cartridge technologies
  • Purchasing supplies for one multi-function printer
  • Waste-reducing settings such as multiple up, duplex, and skipping blank pages
  • Eliminating unclaimed jobs through secure printing

Better for the Planet and Your Business

Xerox is leading the industry in terms of cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Document management tools and waste-reducing processes help organizations in both areas. Minimizing your need for toner saves you money. Using energy-efficient products will make you and your employees feel better about what you're doing daily.

There are not just one or two benefits to using Xerox technology for your business. Along with saving resources and money, Xerox capabilities also boost productivity and efficiency. Consider replacing or updating your print equipment to multi-function printers and software that will benefit your business in various ways. Contact us for more information.